• 摩拜单车消失了,但粉丝们还活着,还有这样的组织啊。
  • 斑马一样的奶牛,斑马条纹可以驱蚊,所以斑马长成斑马的样子还是有依据的,以及奶牛的黑白配色也是有依据的。
  • MIT 媒体实验室的无土栽培实验再次被指造假,政治正确嘛。
  • 新型病毒将改变我们对病毒的理解,病毒的病毒?把自己接入其他病毒上入侵细胞进行繁殖。。。
  • Google T5 scores 88.9 on SuperGLUE Benchmark, approaching human baseline,又一个号称接近人类水平的网络。机器之心的翻译
    1. HN评论里有两个争议的句子:1. The pilot managed to land the airplane safely 2. The enemy landed several of our aircrafts。后面那一句里的landed的确非常有歧义并非常不寻常。
    2. 人类水平指:平均而言,一个人快速重复地执行此操作的能力如何。这也解决了我的一个疑问,就是既然人类都会错误,那么正确率是怎么计算出来的。。。
    3. 我们删除了含有“脏话,顽皮话,淫秽话或其他不良话清单”中任何单词的页面。 怪不得google翻译有些东西非常有问题。
    4. 正如人类做选择题的时候更多的是在揣摩出题人意图一样,AI也被训练成能正确理解出题人意图的,而不是指出正确答案的。


  • How to Become the Best in the World at Something,如何成为某个项目上世界最棒的人?
    • 技能堆叠
      • 如果您的城市有100万人,并且您属于六种技能中的前10%,那么这就是1,000,000 x 10%x 10%x 10%x 10%x 10%x 10%x 10%= 1。
      • 但是这并不科学,因为要确保六种技能的独立性挺难的。
      • 所以要实践技能堆叠,需要保证两个技能之间的独立性。比如打网球和写代码。
    • 但是这个技能堆叠有啥意义呢,除了作者举例子里的入学考试例子以外? HR不会因为你网球打得很好而聘用你来写代码。
  • IBM Blockchain Platform on Cloud,部署IBM区块链网络,并开发应用。
  • 学习GAN模型量化评价,先从掌握FID开始吧,FID是度量生成图片和真实图片距离的算法。
  • Beating C with Futhark Running on GPU,又一个打败了C的程序。
    • “Oh, it was quite a while ago. I kind of stopped when C came out. That was a big blow. We were making so much good progress on optimizations and transformations. We were getting rid of just one nice problem after another. When C came out, at one of the SIGPLAN compiler conferences, there was a debate between Steve Johnson from Bell Labs, who was supporting C, and one of our people, Bill Harrison, who was working on a project that I had at that time supporting automatic optimization…The nubbin of the debate was Steve’s defense of not having to build optimizers anymore because the programmer would take care of it. That it was really a programmer’s issue…. Seibel: Do you think C is a reasonable language if they had restricted its use to operating-system kernels? Allen: Oh, yeah. That would have been fine. And, in fact, you need to have something like that, something where experts can really fine-tune without big bottlenecks because those are key problems to solve. By 1960, we had a long list of amazing languages: Lisp, APL, Fortran, COBOL, Algol 60. These are higher-level than C. We have seriously regressed, since C developed. C has destroyed our ability to advance the state of the art in automatic optimization, automatic parallelization, automatic mapping of a high-level language to the machine. This is one of the reasons compilers are … basically not taught much anymore in the colleges and universities.”
      – Fran Allen interview, Excerpted from: Peter Seibel. Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming



  • 如果一个人不想做某件事,通常不是由于客观条件不允许,而是他有下面四种心态之一:恐惧(Fear)、排斥(Rejection)、自卑(Low self-esteem)、怠惰(Laziness)。 –《不要对自己撒谎